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Poker Clinic, The Doctor Will See You Now

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Please leave a message with your choice of day and time for Poker Clinic

by poker1040
1,541305/28/2009 01:02AM
Last Post by poker1040

How to PM Doc

by Badcat445
815208/23/2012 08:35PM
Last Post by glenn6971

Positional Play and HU

by ChrisHrobak
1,008103/12/2012 04:55PM
Last Post by ChrisHrobak

Introducing the Clinic Crew!

by monmiss
1,264612/09/2010 05:25AM
Last Post by poker1040

please have money added games again

by LeanAndMean
1,420111/15/2010 08:29PM
Last Post by LeanAndMean

Poker software question?

by Zzulran
1,286201/31/2010 10:41AM
Last Post by monmiss

New clinic segment point counter point

by monmiss
1,299401/18/2010 03:51AM
Last Post by monmiss

hand on stars cash tables

by joe161
1,358401/05/2010 09:00PM
Last Post by DonkeyKong

Decrease Your Bad Beats

by DrCheckRaise
1,6721710/17/2009 09:16AM
Last Post by swighey

Poker Clinic Starting Now with Special Guest Appearance

by DrCheckRaise
1,352708/30/2009 08:40PM
Last Post by divato

Password Freaks

by nightmoves44
2,034508/24/2009 10:26PM
Last Post by monmiss

Interst in hearing from some "unknown" HU pros?

by jontm
1,660108/22/2009 11:18AM
Last Post by jontm

To Quit or Not to Quit that is the question

by Lee785
1,8272007/29/2009 08:29AM
Last Post by DonkeyKong

old topic but alway relevent getting sucked out on

by joe161
3,106507/22/2009 12:57PM
Last Post by Tachycardia


by Lee785
1,471605/27/2009 05:18PM
Last Post by MrM89

Move Up in Limits? Frustration..

by TexasTerry
1,7052205/08/2009 02:29AM
Last Post by DonkeyKong

playin sng blind on spades club

by joe161
1,517205/02/2009 05:20AM
Last Post by IrishQueeen

Odds for 2 streets vs. 1- ATTN DonkeyKong

by TexasTerry
1,381204/18/2009 06:11PM
Last Post by TexasTerry

My biggest leak and the one I struggle with

by jontm
1,298204/18/2009 08:35AM
Last Post by Yashka84

What is a bad beat? Or do we beat ourselves?

by jontm
1,407204/16/2009 11:06PM
Last Post by DonkeyKong

Come down off that ledge my friend

by DonkeyKong
2,032904/12/2009 10:53PM
Last Post by DonkeyKong

Bankroll, Field Size and Payout Percentages.

by jontm
1,595404/11/2009 08:55PM
Last Post by IrishQueeen

Just a moan

by Lee785
1,466904/09/2009 03:06AM
Last Post by Danielle_HAC

Im running bad (for the past 8 months) please help

by MitchO
2,8742304/09/2009 12:17AM
Last Post by MrM89

Odds video

by jontm
1,460104/08/2009 02:13AM
Last Post by jontm

Please Help!!!

by Lee785
1,5762704/04/2009 10:41PM
Last Post by monmiss

Stuck in a Rut

by Danielle_HAC
1,364304/04/2009 10:13PM
Last Post by monmiss

2.5 BB Raises?

by jontm
1,547304/04/2009 03:32AM
Last Post by DonkeyKong

RE: Software

by Lee785
1,330704/03/2009 11:32PM
Last Post by Lee785

my play

by mskitty00
1,298703/30/2009 11:41PM
Last Post by DonkeyKong

The Gaps in my game and what I need to practise (CPT part 2)

by jontm
1,285303/29/2009 09:02PM
Last Post by DonkeyKong

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