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Hand Analysis

A place to discuss specific hands and get the opinions of others on how best played. 
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POST EM HERE! (read first)

by jontm
1,557101/11/2009 08:23PM
Last Post by jontm

AK Facing a 4 Bet Preflop???

by DonkeyKong
2,2061408/31/2012 02:10AM
Last Post by DirkPitt

Pocket Jacks.....

by URTilted
979408/31/2012 01:51AM
Last Post by DirkPitt

Donkey Kong please diagnose.

by micsquab
1,336301/18/2010 05:02PM
Last Post by micsquab

Final Table Fumble

by jontm
1,353610/11/2009 01:22AM
Last Post by poker1040

Another hand - Easier

by DonkeyKong
1,486607/04/2009 09:00AM
Last Post by DonkeyKong

Massage my deflated ego (lol-like that could happen)

by Tachycardia
1,324607/01/2009 11:07AM
Last Post by Tachycardia

All in move bad or good?

by jontm
1,418605/27/2009 07:26AM
Last Post by jontm

Live All in tonight, final table. Thoughts?

by jontm
1,417405/27/2009 12:06AM
Last Post by MrM89


by legendkiller
1,582505/24/2009 06:21AM
Last Post by legendkiller

Tourney Hand...Top set on flop (no it didn't loose...but)

by jontm
1,564305/19/2009 09:29PM
Last Post by MrM89


by MrM89
1,342505/19/2009 09:12PM
Last Post by MrM89

My Big Blunder...

by MrM89
1,400404/13/2009 09:13PM
Last Post by MrM89

strategies/theories/hand examples?

by goblingamer
1,6441504/10/2009 12:04AM
Last Post by MrM89

Lets chop this one up

by DonkeyKong
1,359304/09/2009 12:04AM
Last Post by PkHrGd

How to bluff off into the nuts

by DonkeyKong
1,338204/02/2009 09:07AM
Last Post by Danielle_HAC

how to stop this?

by mskitty00
1,346403/23/2009 09:43PM
Last Post by DonkeyKong

2 Pair on the flop

by monmiss
1,306303/23/2009 05:43PM
Last Post by DonkeyKong

1-3 NL Cash Game - Hand #4 - Outplayed

by DonkeyKong
2,107703/20/2009 09:01AM
Last Post by Danielle_HAC

Royal Flush

by TexasTerry
1,210303/06/2009 11:07PM
Last Post by El_Capitan

All In, Final Table First Hand?

by TheSyphon
1,318702/28/2009 06:07PM
Last Post by TheSyphon

Am I a suckout? check this hand

by Hayloftkid
1,494802/26/2009 05:39PM
Last Post by TheSyphon

1-3 NL Cash - Hand #3 - Bluff Outs

by DonkeyKong
2,150402/24/2009 01:25AM
Last Post by DonkeyKong

1-3 NL Cash -Hand #2- Tough Laydown

by DonkeyKong
1,283402/18/2009 11:26PM
Last Post by DonkeyKong

1-3 NL Cash - Hand #1 - The Monster Hand

by DonkeyKong
1,388302/17/2009 06:27AM
Last Post by jontm

Such a differnce in tonights Casino game, Want to share any breakdown advice appreciated.

by jontm
1,497201/22/2009 12:13AM
Last Post by DonkeyKong

77 vs KQ and KK deep in the tourney by Holdemaholic

by jontm
1,9723412/31/2008 03:27AM
Last Post by Keizman

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