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They say you should never discuss politics and religion at the poker table. Well I wanted to create an area to do just that. 
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AnnouncementWorld Series Of Poker player draws pocket aces, loses $1 million06/20/2017 01:09PM
AnnouncementAmaya Gaming Acquires PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker in $4.9 Billion Deal06/24/2014 08:20PM
AnnouncementThe Rules of Poker Can Hurt You Or Help You In A LIVE Game07/25/2013 01:32PM
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Playing With Fire !

by DrCheckRaise
1,8571808/26/2012 04:40PM
Last Post by RojoHawk7

adidas nmd xr1 damen

by gonzaloastri
19106/22/2017 03:11AM
Last Post by gonzaloastri

adidas pure boost herren

by davisbella
89103/23/2017 09:35AM
Last Post by davisbella

nike air max hombre

by jocampbellj
129102/21/2017 11:35AM
Last Post by jocampbellj

We cherish the use of long road

by Qizhenbi
163101/04/2017 10:30AM
Last Post by Qizhenbi

The main purpose of wood

by Qizhenbi
183112/21/2016 06:00AM
Last Post by Qizhenbi

wagging the moondoggie

by zerowolfe
4,1613809/26/2014 10:40AM
Last Post by NicolasSepes

Truth about Ultimate Bet in Nevada

by GWL666
1,879308/12/2013 09:23PM
Last Post by br549jdc

Can you believe what you read in many poker site articles?

by GWL666
1,396106/10/2013 08:25PM
Last Post by GWL666

From member Bigfish042 online poker for CASH to be legalized in the USA. Some may have to wait ......

by monmiss
10,0871606/09/2013 08:51PM
Last Post by GWL666

iPoker Network

by GWL666
1,469105/30/2013 05:59PM
Last Post by GWL666

Ultimate Poker knew that cell phone triangulation was not available from Virgin Mobile, MetroPCS and Verizon, but opened anyway.

by GWL666
2,168105/26/2013 08:51PM
Last Post by GWL666

PokerScout and Ultimate Poker Review by Steven66

by GWL666
2,769105/26/2013 02:25AM
Last Post by GWL666

Nonsense Talk From the National Rifle Association

by GWL666
4,299101/19/2013 06:15AM
Last Post by GWL666

Black Chip Poker

by PaulGobertJr
949212/28/2012 07:50PM
Last Post by PaulGobertJr

Poker Site Merry-Go-Round - Back to Carbon Poker

by GWL666
1,493212/26/2012 11:21PM
Last Post by FRfranklin

Update from David at grrrinders

by monmiss
1,661712/25/2012 01:26AM
Last Post by GWL666

Yes it is true. Grrrinders has ceased operations

by monmiss
2,6362312/22/2012 03:08AM
Last Post by YouMayCryNow

Is The Sky Falling at Grrriders?

by DrCheckRaise
2,3322112/22/2012 03:00AM
Last Post by YouMayCryNow

Huckabee Gets Moron Award

by GWL666
995212/18/2012 08:27AM
Last Post by br549jdc

RPM poker site

by Zuess08
831312/17/2012 09:55PM
Last Post by IceGold

It's over, President Obama 4 more years, now what?

by monmiss
1,5671212/16/2012 02:02AM
Last Post by GWL666

Re: All American Christmas... this is a must read for all

by GWL666
3,1283012/14/2012 11:54PM
Last Post by GWL666

Wake Up People - You are Being Screwed!

by GWL666
1,271112/12/2012 04:49PM
Last Post by GWL666

All American Christmas... this is a must read for all

by AnteDeluvian
1,677712/02/2012 06:24AM
Last Post by monmiss

From Russia, With Love

by Axman
1,040111/26/2012 05:20AM
Last Post by Axman

Today A Federal Court Ruled Poker a Game of Skill

by DrCheckRaise
3,7847111/05/2012 06:10AM
Last Post by Axman

Obama Supporters Continue Threats To Riot...

by Axman
891310/24/2012 06:17AM
Last Post by Axman

Do it now! They work for us!

by monmiss
1,149110/22/2012 04:39AM
Last Post by monmiss

Tell congress to get back to work now!!!!!!!!!

by monmiss
1,089210/21/2012 09:45PM
Last Post by GWL666

Presidential debate 10/16 '02 .Politifact What do you think?

by monmiss
1,078310/21/2012 01:46AM
Last Post by GWL666

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