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FeltStars Poker Forum

The place to be to find out the latest opportunities at FeltStars  
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AnnouncementI am Back oklajohnny5510/07/2015 03:38PM
AnnouncementWorld Series Of Poker player draws pocket aces, loses $1 million08/08/2014 01:41PM
AnnouncementAmaya Gaming Acquires PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker in $4.9 Billion Deal06/24/2014 08:20PM
AnnouncementThe Rules of Poker Can Hurt You Or Help You In A LIVE Game07/25/2013 01:32PM
AnnouncementDrcheckraise Members PAGE joined Facebook10/11/2012 06:46AM
AnnouncementHold'em Odds Calculator06/22/2012 08:53PM
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PM me if you win @ felt for i get the wins posted

by oklajohnny45
1,5663009/24/2012 09:44AM
Last Post by Bushmaster14


by FeltStars
1,5172307/17/2012 01:53PM
Last Post by ravenkitty

Choosing Felt$tars

by DrCheckRaise
2,2882412/06/2011 12:08AM
Last Post by arabmoney09

DrCheckRaise is the new online pro for FeltStars

by Axman
1,9165111/07/2009 03:12PM
Last Post by DrCheckRaise

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Last Post by utaibimohammed

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by georgekarim827
54112/18/2015 06:40AM
Last Post by georgekarim827


by tradezeeza
56112/10/2015 01:21PM
Last Post by tradezeeza


by criscutyo
77110/30/2015 04:27PM
Last Post by criscutyo

followed by the strength and size of the brand

by meishengchao
152107/30/2015 07:29AM
Last Post by meishengchao

Floor creative is not "shout out"

by meishengchao
164107/29/2015 07:11AM
Last Post by meishengchao

Balcony laying wooden floors, warm and stylish

by meishengchao
199107/28/2015 05:13AM
Last Post by meishengchao

What is the moisture content of the wood flooring?

by meishengchao
161107/27/2015 05:16AM
Last Post by meishengchao

How about wood floors, wood flooring pros and cons

by meishengchao
211107/24/2015 09:44AM
Last Post by meishengchao

Miss Ya Guys

by ravenkitty
604707/10/2013 05:57AM
Last Post by br549jdc

FeltStars Closes

by DrCheckRaise
5,6957405/24/2013 02:48AM
Last Post by EanOnFS

What happened to RPM?

by racingstud43
537212/19/2012 09:40PM
Last Post by monmiss

Transferring Your FeltStars Account to a New Merge Site

by DrCheckRaise
8,52316911/09/2012 03:37AM
Last Post by skoby101

MergeMob Poker Tour.

by ravenkitty
633110/19/2012 08:21PM
Last Post by ravenkitty

Questions about RPM

by LeanAndMean
712510/17/2012 08:32PM
Last Post by ravenkitty

RPM Table Name

by ravenkitty
718110/15/2012 05:01PM
Last Post by ravenkitty

FeltStars Players Find A New Home

by DrCheckRaise
3,120110/10/2012 06:42PM
Last Post by DrCheckRaise

FeltStars Cashier

by DrCheckRaise
2,3214210/10/2012 06:06AM
Last Post by DeadguyKills

Felt Stars non operational...

by Makisupa
713110/09/2012 10:25AM
Last Post by Makisupa

vip"s on felt stars

643410/04/2012 11:49PM
Last Post by FRfranklin

Vip Freerolls Tommorow

by ravenkitty
584209/28/2012 04:48AM
Last Post by Bushmaster14

Selling Feltstars money Via Paypal

by divato
1,1811209/18/2012 02:14AM
Last Post by MrM89

Sept 15 Become a High Roller

by Tophat
561309/16/2012 01:12AM
Last Post by Tophat

Back to Feltstars

by oklajohnny45
711409/15/2012 04:58PM
Last Post by edazzle

Trouble contacting Feltstars

by BeerIsGOOD
714209/15/2012 05:25AM
Last Post by TWOxFOUR


by oklajohnny45
679109/10/2012 03:58AM
Last Post by oklajohnny45

Poker Maximus 2 Event 1 Results

by ravenkitty
700509/10/2012 02:00AM
Last Post by ravenkitty

okmexjudy Results for 1k guaranteed

by oklajohnny45
685109/09/2012 07:54AM
Last Post by oklajohnny45

Jack and Jill Final Results

by DrCheckRaise
1,5323909/08/2012 02:56AM
Last Post by HellRaiser

The DrCheckRaise Jack And Jill Event

by DrCheckRaise
5,08310509/03/2012 04:30AM
Last Post by tuggyswife

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