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The ultimate training experiment.

The ultimate training experiment.
avatar Subject :  The ultimate training experiment.
Date:       January 02, 2009 09:53PM
This one is borrowed from Phil Gordon, but others have used a similar method.

It is for new players or players who rely on cards to play. This will open up a whole different perception.

Subscription sites are the perfect place to try it, no cost.

Get spome post it notes. Place one over your hole cards. You will play blind. No one can see you doing this.

You are not going to have cards make your decisions. You will play hands based only on position and opponent selection.

Try to find weak players and play with position on them. Raise entering pots.

If they check, bet pot. If they make a weak raise, reraise. If you get reraised fold. You will play only on table info.

Try to do this once in awhile and see if it helps your table reading skills.

Now after this comes together, you can add your outs into the equation and remove the sticky.

I would bet for newer or tight passive players this will improve your game a few levels, it killed my passive side.

From here you can start making these same plays at least 2 times per hour when you play. The idea is only to force the concept into your natural game play. You have to commit to making moves regardless of your situation.

Practising this will win you some fat pots when the cards just aren't being your friend.

Winning $$$ is a rush. Winning big $$$ with nothing is soothing.
Re: The ultimate training experiment.
avatar Subject :  Re: The ultimate training experiment.
Date:       January 03, 2009 02:36PM
Annette15 won a multi-table sit and go using this method, apparently she only peaked at her hole cards once.I read somewhere its posted on youtube, I know its on pokerxfactor.
Re: The ultimate training experiment.
avatar Subject :  Re: The ultimate training experiment.
Date:       April 28, 2009 03:51PM
I would say that I have to attest to the fact that this type of play is not only effective but essential to success at the table. I would add one more little ingredient to the mix. Count your hands played, and see if you are able to effectively get a read on your table within the first or second round of the button. I have noticed that in many poker rooms, if you do not make an action within the first or second round of the button, you will be moved to a new table. I am thinking they do this to minimize your advantage at the table. Kind of sucks, but it happens.

I practice this at cash game tables by limiting my play to 30 hands or when I double up. At that point, it's on to a new table. I feel that if I can't get a read on a table in less than 30 hands, I am in over my head. It has worked wonders for my reading skills.

Also, use the notes feature of online poker rooms extensively. Mark players, label them tight/loose, aggressive/passive, hard to read, or I like to label those very skilled opponents "muck in case of strong actions", LOL. Anyway, this is extrememly good advice. My own mantra is "aggression plays".

We've all heard it before, "...the opponent can't fold if you don't bet/raise to them", or "putting pressure on a player will either let you know if they have the nuts, or if they think they have the nuts; with that information you will be able to more effectively control the pot."

Being active and aggressive let's you be in control of the betting action, can flip the power of position in many cases, and will mark you as a very dangerous opponent at the table. All three will enhance your ability to extract chips from others, and put donkey pelts on your walls, floors, and wherever else you like to lay them.

Good luck on the felt folks.

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