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Micro stakes cash

Micro stakes cash
avatar Subject :  Micro stakes cash
Date:       February 17, 2009 01:35AM
So you don't have much for a bankroll and you want to play some poker. I've been playing micro stakes cash games for a couple of years, but haven't really been successful until lately. I attribute this to a new style that I've adapted to fit the tables I play.
We've established that the most profitable style of play is the opposite of what your opponents are playing. So I've learned to force my opponents to make mistakes. You have to learn to read flop texture well to make this style work well. Don't be afraid to lay down hands and even make some hero calls. What I do is sit at a single table after watching a few hands and figuring out if there are any extra tight or super loose players. I sit where I can best exploit their styles. If I can't sit where I like I just try to pay extra attention to the flop texture so I don't get myself in trouble against these kinds of opponents.
Next I establish a pattern for myself. I either appear super tight or super loose. The more loose aggressive I have been playing the better the profit margin. Now when I say I'm playing aggressive, what I'm doing is raising with a wider range of hands, but making my raises closer to a 2.5 to 3x the BB range. This disguises the range of my hands and also keeps the other players on the defensive. Becareful not to commit too many of your chips without some kind of hand or a draw at least, but you will be able to throw plenty of bluffs in here against the tight players. Some players at this level never fold, and this is where you'll be making your money. After you've made your hand you can still overbet the pot when you make your hand and get calls from these really weak players. I've had a single pair call with 4 to the flush on the board.

I'll keep this short and add to the discussion later. But this should get us started.
Does anyone play micro on any certain sites? I would enjoy your input I'll even try out any other styles you propose and we can see how they work.
Sorry it's been so long since my last post, but I'm sure I'll get some regular posts going again here now.

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