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playin sng blind on spades club

playin sng blind on spades club
avatar Subject :  playin sng blind on spades club
Date:       April 22, 2009 05:10AM
im playin a sng (2500 pt 9 player) on spades club, blind! poker is about the players, position and bettin i guess cards do matter. i put a piece of paper over my seat and the chat screen.
the problem im having is you cant bet players off hands, monster raises 12 times=3 caller , continue bet 2 callers need to stop firing due to the fact i have know idea what i have. the only thing i find to be working is position bettin after flop. reraise and 3 bettin should take down a few pots but they call every flop.
just called hand in button position checked to me after ace flop and 2 hearts checked to me i bet the flop (3/4 of pot) sb calls, i bet 4th (same bet as flop) sb calls river another heart i bet half the pot he allins- cant bet anyone off drws. still alive but hurtin.
went out 5th had 1100 left 100 blinds folded to me as dealer i raise 600, bb calls with qj and hit qj on flop so my continue bet was no good ( had ak suited didnt even know til he called allin).
so the moral of the story is 2500 sng on spades club isnt real poker where you can bet players off hands even the best hands.
im gonna try again this time only bettin weekness - playin strenghth no one believes.

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Re: playin sng blind on spades club
avatar Subject :  Re: playin sng blind on spades club
Date:       May 02, 2009 05:20AM
Fun experiment. What happened?


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