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Re: hand on stars cash tables

hand on stars cash tables
avatar Subject :  hand on stars cash tables
Date:       January 05, 2010 06:41AM
im playin stars 2/5 cent i buy in 5 dols have 7.50+ early position with aq suited raise the hand 3 time bb 2 callers
12.00 dol guy and another caller.
flop 67q 6 and 7 suited (not mine) 12 dol guy bets 33 cent i reraise him 66 cent he calls so he has bad queen or flush drw
4th street j off suit 12 dol guy bets 2 dol i just flat
5th street k off he bets me allin 3.22 or so which is pot size bet im so commited to hand he has qj or qk or missed flush drw so i call yes he missed flush drw with jk of which gives him 2 pr and all my cash
where did i go wrong?
i dont really think i did anything wrong except if i was willing to put all my money in i should have done it on 4th street but sure he was callin(only reason i didnt was i wanted to be sure he missed his flush drw)
Re: hand on stars cash tables
avatar Subject :  Re: hand on stars cash tables
Date:       January 05, 2010 08:38AM
An interesting hand that comes up a lot. Top Top with average stack out of position. It would be good to know how aggro or loose this villain. The first question for me is what is your thought process behind your raise to .66 on the flop?

Re: hand on stars cash tables
avatar Subject :  Re: hand on stars cash tables
Date:       January 05, 2010 01:35PM
re raise the flop to see where im at he did not reraise pre so i am asuming he doesnt have big over pair, if he hit a set with the str8 and flush drws out there he should 4 bet me.
Re: hand on stars cash tables
avatar Subject :  Re: hand on stars cash tables
Date:       January 05, 2010 09:00PM
Ok, so raising for "information". Fair enough. Was it a raise OF .66 or a raise TO .66 Did you make it .66 total or .99 total? I really don't like min raises in cash games, even for probe bets, unless it is against really weak opponents where you can get away with it. This guy clearly does not play a passive weak style since he leads into you on the turn. But I def like a raise on the flop. Gives you info, charges draws, gives you control of the hand etc. Maybe just raise more to potentially save you money on later streets.

I see what you are saying about committing all the chips on the turn, but something is not right with the numbers here. It's hard to figure out if you are short enough to push the turn, or deep enough to flat it. Recheck the bet and stack amounts because they don't add up for me. But clearly the big decision is on the turn. And how you play the turn will determine what you do on the river.

FYI Against his range of any Qx, Ax suited and Suited Connectors of the flush draw suit, you are about a 2.5:1 favorite. Against his specific hand of KJs you are about a 2.1:1 favorite on the turn.

Given the info though, I like the line you took. You can make a lot of money by flatting the turn and inducing a bluff on the river. If you flat the turn here, you are always calling the river up to a pot sized bet. Even if something like the 8s or Ks comes, disaster cards, you are still getting the right odds against his range to call. So if he's aggressive, and think you can induce a big bluff, then call, call. If he's more passive, you can raise here on the turn. Because if you just call and the river bricks, you won't make anymore on the river when he misses and will lose when he was ahead

On the other hand, given the board texture on the turn, the river is going to be a scary street no matter what comes. Almost any card that comes except an Ace is going to give you a headache. And given that the villain led out on the turn, we have to assume you will face another big bet from him on the river. You essentially have Reverse Implied Odds. Your hand isn't getting any better. In this situation, it doesn't really matter because you are calling the river regardless. But if the stacks were deep, then his turn bet has more 'leverage', combined with the board texture and the reverse implied odds, it is often right to even fold on the turn.

Overall though, I think raising the Turn is the best option.
1. It gives you the most ways to win the hand
2. It maximizes your winnings when you win the hand (i.e. busted draw, weaker Queen)
3. No net effect when you lose the hand (river is unlikely going to be checked to you, and you aren't folding river)
4. At the turn you have the most amount of equity in the hand (70% equity + some fold equity)
5. You stand to lose equity on the river by a lot of cards that could come.
6. The amount of money you could win by inducing a bluff on the river is outweighed by taking the pot down now with one pair on a very coordinated board + the equity you have when he calls your turn raise and you win.

Sorry it took so long to get there.


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