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Stuck in a Rut

Stuck in a Rut
avatar Subject :  Stuck in a Rut
Date:       March 20, 2009 09:43AM
Is being stuck in a rut bad? Using my example of my current rut will not only give me the answers i want.... but maybe get me out of it....IF indeed I should be!

Currently all I play is Heads up...why? I am winning and its quick, simple. I have gotten myself into a real rut. I forced myself last night to play a 9sng just to show i could still apply my skills and knowledge. The issue I found is I couldn't wait to hurry up and get to heads up lol. Until that point I had no fun at all, my mind through the whole game was saying HURRY UP HEADS UP!!!

Indeed i think i am stuck in a rut! Has anyone ever been in a "poker rut" before, if so did it effect your game poorly or badly in the long run? I fear it may effect my cash games, sng's and tournament play if all I do is play heads up. Let me know your thoughts. Off to the heads up tables and continuing to use pink as part of my drcheckraise rut LOL.

Re: Stuck in a Rut
avatar Subject :  Re: Stuck in a Rut
Date:       March 20, 2009 04:16PM
I think most if not all players have been stuck in a 'rut'. In your case, it don't think it's such a bad thing. Maybe it's not so much a rut as it is a 'phase'; like being obsessed with a certain music group, or food for a moment. But eventually you get over it and then wonder why you were ever into it in the first place. There are so many different aspects to this game. Heads up. Full ring, short handed. Limit, No limit. Holdem, Stud, omaha. Hi, Hi/Lo. Being in a rut may be a good way to get good at one of these areas, and then eventually you can move on and get in a rut somewhere else!
Re: Stuck in a Rut
avatar Subject :  Re: Stuck in a Rut
Date:       April 04, 2009 10:13PM
For me there are some ruts I love. I love being a home body and knowing exactly what to expect every day. On the other hand, the rut of bad beats and playing bad players in poker make me nuts. it caused me to make bad plays and caused me to lose more. I needed a break. I took 3 days off, didn;t play, didn';t read, didn;t come here. came back refreshed and ready to play. Sometimes we just need a break from the routine. If your in a rut that you enjoy than you go girl!
If your enjoying heads up than do it! If you find it is affecting your game either take a break or change games for a change of pace. As long as your enjoying it than rut on my friend!

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