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my play

my play
avatar Subject :  my play
Date:       March 27, 2009 01:32PM
Been at SC for 3 weeks,my question is do i need to be less selective in my hands out of position later in tourney In the 1k's and the one 5k all total about 9 tourneys, A 12th,24th, and almost all the rest, some were at the 200 mark. I'm very strick on card selection as to what position and never play a rag A. As blinds get 1/2k or higher. Seem to go card dead. the few hands that are half playable seem to come in early. (q/10,k/j off ) I fold and alot of times the small stacks raise or allin. Should i continue playing my game or take more risk. Would like some advice on how to make it even deeper in those tourneys.

Thank you,kitty
Re: my play
avatar Subject :  Re: my play
Date:       March 27, 2009 03:43PM
The really nice thing about SpadeClub is that there are several events that you can play in without regard to your investment. This allows you the opportunity to experiment with different things to see what will work for you. I say that to say this.

I assume from your question that you might look at poker about cards, quality of cards and position in relation to those cards. If that is the case then you are missing out one an aspect of the game that can give you some profitable opportunities. That is playing the hand on NOT what your cards are or are not, but playing a hand on what your opponent does NOT have.

Here is an example.

Say you are in a hand with 4 other people and the flop comes 2 4 9 rainbow. One player bets out, and 3 of them fold leaving you. You call. The turn is a king. The other play may or may not bet again. Either way, you can bet strong here or raise. You cards do not matter. You can assume he was betting the nine, and that if you had a king he would be beat. He folds, you win. Your cards do not matter. Things to be careful of at times like these are your opponents stack size. If he is heavily invested in the hand and has few chips left in front of him it would not be a good time to try that.

One of the best exercises that you can do to help you improve in stealing pots, or playing position would be to take a post-it note, and place it over your cards and just don't look at your cards. Play a tourney like this one time. This will train you to look for opportunities to steal. It will train you to spot weaknesses in others hands. You will see when the third diamond comes that you might be able to take down this pot. After you have played an event or two like this I think it will add a new dimension to your game that you never realized was there.

Let's us know how the experiment went.
Good luck, continued success,
Re: my play
avatar Subject :  Re: my play
Date:       March 27, 2009 09:32PM
If I understand try to pick spots when in position and play the player and the cards on table with sticky. Just represent
straight,flush,etc to improve my bluffing ...should i first establish a very tight table presence, then try? Understand it's different for different situation .Was speaking for the exercise
Re: my play
avatar Subject :  Re: my play
Date:       March 30, 2009 05:30PM
You do not need a tight table image to be able to bluff people of the pots, all you need to remember is to make sure the player your gonna do it too is not a loose player and that you know you can get him to fold. It is really all about setup and how your player plays.

These are what i ask myself when trying a bluff/semi bluff,

Can i take him off the pot?
What is his range of starting hands?
Does he call alot?
Is he indeed chasin that flush draw?

So the point is choose your places wisely, play your position best to do the bluff, and watch the small ball movies that dr posted, imply that to stealing pots and you should find it works. But beware of bluffing alot it happens and can take you down.

Hope this helps a little.

Re: my play
avatar Subject :  Re: my play
Date:       March 30, 2009 06:30PM
Great advice from Lee there Kitty. I would totally agree. Don't worry about your image too much. Even if you appear to be raising too much, most players are too chicken to play back at you with nothing. Although on SC who the hell knows. I feel like there should be a disclaimer for SC play.


DonkeyKong is not responsible if you get sucked out on due to any of his posts on any subscription sites such as Spade Club and other bingo parlors. Play at your own risk on these sites, and my the force be with you, you'll need it there.

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Re: my play
avatar Subject :  Re: my play
Date:       March 30, 2009 07:03PM
DK your right to some degree, It is infact true that no matter what your table image is you will be able to bluff. But like i said before its hard to know when and where, but if you get reads and make your plays around this, it will come good in the end.

For me to practice reading skills i took the approach DR told someone in a past post, i stuck a post it note over my cards and tried to play the players not the cards, this is an extremely hard thing to do, but its worth doing.

Back to bluffing, there is numerous factors when doing this, your position there starting hand range and the likes as i said before.

My point here is play what you feel right and gofor it, if it doesnt work out dont worry try something else.


If you raise and raise and raise, people will get sick of it and will enter the pot just to take you down so they can go back to being call stations. The test is knowing when this has happened which u can probably tell by 5/6 people entering the pots with you unlike before when there was 1/2 at this point dont waste chips trying to bluff, if u hit play it if u dont fold and change the way you played your hands.

Another thing while sitting at your table you should be able to find who is aggressive who is passive and who are call stations, needless to say you stay away from some and pick the ones who will fold if they dont hit.

The major factor is watch watch and watch. and take notes of the other posts around.

Personally i play small ball in the beginning of a tourney, then change gears to other things keeping my players on their toes.

I once got told the best thing that anyone could ever say to me, i was hard to read this is in essence what your looking for.

Just another 2 cents.

Re: my play
avatar Subject :  Re: my play
Date:       March 30, 2009 11:41PM
More great advice from Lee! A lot of what he is talking about I call "playing on the edge".

Playing on the edge is when you are playing in that zone right on the edge of being aggressive but not TOO aggressive (aka over the edge). Most of the time you are crossing slightly over and back of the edge, which in turn makes you very difficult to read. Keeps you one step ahead of your opponents.

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