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Re: Just a moan

Just a moan
avatar Subject :  Just a moan
Date:       April 07, 2009 04:53PM
My account at SC is still just basic so i cant blogg anymore, i used to like it gave me a chance to vent. I want to post it here.

Some of you will know i've been having a hard time lately with poker, and i nearly gave up again lol again?

In my time as a poker player i have accrued massive losses in my book, and sometimes i ask myself is it really worth it, well i thought it wasnt. But a recent talk with someone opened my eyes, its not how much i've won or lost or why i lose, its all about the passion for the game and the people you meet. I love this game i could play it 24/7 if i could, and because of that i must stick with it and get where i want to be. I believe i am a good player and have the belief i can beat and win anyone on my day (not having a big ego btw but someone has to beleive and it must be urself).

Another debate i had with myself is after a post on here about bluffing i dont know why but i spent ages on it, mulling it over and over in my head, when is it best to bluff, how do you no when etc etc, my view on bluffing is this, it will work everytime as long as timing situation and positioning is correct.

Then there was this Am I Really a good player? well i think i am but i've never been told so, i can read the game and call hands just as good as anyone else, make bluffs and big lay downs all the things u need.

So if this is so why cant i win a tourney?
Well i read The power system again and guess what the guy he talks about in the opening saying he's play for 2 hrs max and then just go to pot, sounds exactly like me lol. So theres something i need to work on.

Anyway i hope no one is reading this thinking hes just on an ego trip or hes just whining again, the main purpose of this post was just to get some stuff off my chest that is lingering.

Re: Just a moan
avatar Subject :  Re: Just a moan
Date:       April 07, 2009 07:39PM
How deep are you going and when you say "Why can't I win a tourney?" You don't mean you have never won one right?

I really need to play a game with you day, or have DK watch you from the rail. I suggest you do like myself and stick to SNG play for abit to repeat the various stages of play over and over again. There is a post in tactical. We talked abit on the weekend about this, truely it is good practise or even the mutlitables with 45 to 90 players.

If you are kicking yourself for not beating fields of 800 consitently....who does?
Re: Just a moan
avatar Subject :  Re: Just a moan
Date:       April 07, 2009 08:05PM
Thanks for your reply jon

I have indeed never won a non S&G, which is annoying. I do go very deep, i tend to get busted right on the bubble by some lucky donk, consistantly winning is not the problem but never winning because of bad luck in the late stages is. It gets a bit frustrating when every tourney u spend 2-3 hrs in a field then get busted by a lucky runner runner or that miracle one out on the river.

And when your doing well in early to middle stages its even more frustration, an example is i've played SC for a few months and i've only ever hit one final table.

The reason for this is not cuz i play bad or use wrong selection its because my luck never holds up at the end of tournies. I know there will be some reading saying luck its not all about luck, ye your right, but everyone needs a little.

An example of a hand:

Sitting with AKs i raise 5x big blind, one player goes all in i notice he is playing alot of medium hands so i call. He had J 10 flop comes AK10 looks like i'm gonna win 9 comes the turn i still think i've won 10 hits the river busted, and this kinda thing happens to me all the time late in the tournies.

I so wish i had all of my hand histories some of the stuff i get happening would make u cringe lol

Re: Just a moan
avatar Subject :  Re: Just a moan
Date:       April 07, 2009 09:05PM
...kinda like getting KK cracked by 10-3 in the 30K. Yea it sucks..


...if you've had enough of bad beats, you aren't playing enough...
Re: Just a moan
avatar Subject :  Re: Just a moan
Date:       April 08, 2009 01:56PM
I dont know anyone who wins consistently in fields of 800 (in reply to jons little comment)
Re: Just a moan
avatar Subject :  Re: Just a moan
Date:       April 08, 2009 03:49PM
To win one must have a combination of luck and skill. Ask the pros and they will tell you that you can play every hand perfectly and still not win not even get to the final table. Tourneys are hard. you can play in 100 and if your good expect to final table in 10 of them and expect to win 2 of them. I think that;s the right stats . if not close to it. One must minamize the loses and mazimize the wins. For example for me, If I have AK and bet preflop and get called, even if I hit it I have to think to myself am I beat by 2 pair, so I bet and get called, I have top pair but could be beat by 2 pair so I don;t invest too much just in case, If I win great, but if I lose then I don'tr lose too much. ]
Food for thought .
Re: Just a moan
avatar Subject :  Re: Just a moan
Date:       April 08, 2009 05:41PM
Hang tight Lee...we are gonna find you a micro bankroll and get you playing smaller fields for some wins.
Re: Just a moan
avatar Subject :  Re: Just a moan
Date:       April 08, 2009 06:36PM
Jon has a good point with smaller fields. That is one thing that I do look for confidence boosts. There is a big psychological difference to me. It's often really tough mentally to play in these huge fields, beat out 3000 out of 4000 other players and come up short of the money. Why not play against of field of 100, and beat 90 of them and take a pay out? If you can beat 3000 players, then you can beat 90 with ease right?

Also psychologically speaking for me, even if I don't cash, it feels better to go out and be able to say, I placed 15th (in the case of a 100 field) vs to go out and place 500th (in a large field). % wise it might be the same, but psychologically for me it's a big difference. I feel like it keeps you motivated. In my head, i'm thinking," wow, I was only 15 places from first or only 5 places from the cash. " Vs going out 500th, you are thinking, "well, I still had 500 more people to beat. It was hard enough to get to 500, getting first seems impossible."

The other thing about playing smaller fields is that when you do go out, it's not as demoralizing because of the time invested. To go out 15th/100, you might have 'wasted' a couple hours. To go out 500th/4000, you might have 'wasted' several hours. It is mentally easier to deal with the loss if you haven't invested much resource, whether it be money or in this case time and effort.

Btw, SitNGoes are the ultimate in small field tournaments.

Re: Just a moan
avatar Subject :  Re: Just a moan
Date:       April 09, 2009 03:06AM
Perfect idea and perfectly said DK (as usual) couldn't agree more!!!

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