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Bluff Magazine Hits a New Low

Bluff Magazine Hits a New Low
avatar Subject :  Bluff Magazine Hits a New Low
Date:       January 17, 2013 05:59PM
There is an article in Bluff magazine this month “Ship It – Holla Ballas!” by Jonathan Grotenstein and Storms Reback.

It starts out talking about how a bunch of 19-year-old college dropouts used the internet to become Poker’s Loudest, Craziest, and Richest Crew.” It talks about how all these players started playing on the internet at very young ages, e.g., 16 years old. It features comments about David Brenefield (aka Raptor) who had his high school baseball future destroyed by sliding into a base and ruining his pitching arm; but this happened his senior year in high school when is was 18.

Implying that David had an guaranteed future career as a professional baseball player is a huge stretch of reality to begin with since very few high school players make college ball, and less than 1% make even minor league, and even less makes the pros. But to use his armed being ruined as a lead to justify his becoming an addicted poker player at 16, when the accident happened when he was 18 is just plain pathetic. But again, his accident happened his senior year when he was 18 and he was addicted to poker at 16.

It isn’t until about a page later in the article that you learn that he began playing poker illegally his sophomore year after watching the movie “Rounders” with a few of his friends. In the movie Rounders, Matt Damon plays a poor kid who makes it big in poker.

On the other hand, David - Raptor goes to a private school and his parents belong to a country club. He is being groomed for a life of higher education, white-collar work and a life of leisure. Anyway, he is so intrigued by the movie that he begins playing illegally in underground poker rooms in Texas and then on the internet at the age of 16, a sophomore in high school, a kid – a rich spoiled kid, like many of the young poker stars of today.

Nowhere in this Bluff article do the authors seem to understand that there is really something seriously wrong with a system that allows 16 year-old kids to play poker illegally on the internet. Nowhere in the article is that fact brought up. Nowhere in the article are the extremely negative social consequences of not having sufficient controls to stop kids from playing poker on the internet mentioned by Bluff. Bluff knows that more fish are needed every day for them to survive. So what if the fish are kids, tens of thousands of kids that are dropping out of high school and college to play poker and ruining their lives!

Raptor was very bored with everything despite his parents wanting him to excel in high school and college (another bored rich spoiled kid with everything handed to him on a silver platter with that silver spoon in his mouth). He is another player that has extremely wealthy parents who apparently gave him a credit card and he was able to play at Stars and Full Tilt because those unregulated foreign poker sites don’t care how old you are, only that you can somehow deposit funds. And, all these Loudest, Craziest, and Richest Crew kids started out playing on the internet illegally when they were 16 or younger on their parent’s dime. Bluff seems to be completely OK with this! Despite it being illegal!

Nowhere in the Bluff article is there a call for tighter controls at the foreign poker sites to stop underage gambling. Bluff needs more new fish to stay alive, so it will never come out for the need for tighter controls and regulations over these foreign poker sites. So Bluff will continue to promote this nonsense about kids making it playing poker and becoming Poker’s Loudest, Craziest, and Richest Crew even though they started playing illegally in their teens in high school at foreign internet poker sites and in illegal underground games. Bluff fails to mention that 99% of the kids that start playing poker illegally on the internet in their teens in high school will most likely have their lives ruined because they did not study in high school and, if possible, go on to college.

With tens of thousands or more playing poker on the internet in their teens while in high school, is it any wonder why so many are addicted to poker with no future because they did not study in school and dropped out to play poker before even reaching 21?

The Federal and State governments need to do everything possible to stop this nonsense; and Senator Reid from Nevada believes that too. Bluff Magazine and all the poker rags push this nonsense to get more fish into the game; too bad if they are 16 and playing illegally and their lives are ruined.

Bluff should have said that the Government needs to step in and stop these kids from playing on the internet under the age of 21; but, instead they glamorize it and make it sound cool that these kids were playing illegally at 16 and now look, they are all wealthy. You can do that too kids! Total hype bull droppings!

These type of articles should be outlawed, just like cigarette ads. But it is big business and greed; screw the kids’ lives that are being ruined. Everything is OK, as long as we make lots of money for our corporations and get more fish in the game, and all the owners and other bottom feeders in the poker industry become very wealthy.

Why do they get addicted to poker? Too much hype on TV and in magazines about winning millions and becoming poker super stars and stupid movies like Rounders.

There is a similar problem with violence on TV and in the movies. Just look what has happened in the last 55 years. With worthless movies like those produce by Quentin Tarantino (e.g., the Kill Bill series) and violent video games that result in messed up kids that have no clue as to what is reality.

When I was a kid, the most violent thing you saw on TV was Godzilla Japanese movies which you knew were fake or someone being shot on Gunsmoke, and the most sex you saw was “I Dream of Jeannie;” and, from 1965 through just recently, hardly any nutcases killed kids in schools; so there is a direct correlation; but, big business (movie and gun industries and their lobbies) and geed rule out over common sense. Violent movies need to be banned and video games unless you are 21 and movie theaters need to check IDs, and Xbox live (Microsoft) needs to have proof that you are over 21 to play the violent games; and game stores need to verify IDs to sell all adult violent video games. The nonsense needs to stop. Of course, the parents need to do lots more too.

Senator Reid of Nevada, a former gaming commissioner, is too very concerned about underage gambling on the internet and the lack of regulation over these foreign poker sites. If these foreign poker sites don’t start stopping this nonsense on their own, the DOJ needs to block their domains in the USA; then no underage kids will be allowed to play on the internet in the USA. That will stop the problem!

Re: Bluff Magazine Hits a New Low
avatar Subject :  Re: Bluff Magazine Hits a New Low
Date:       January 17, 2013 10:05PM
Sorry GWL, but regulation begins in the home..... not on the gaming site. If the kid lies about their age, or uses Daddy's credit card... how is the site to know! If my grandson sneaks onto my poker site. when I am not around... who knows??? The internet is ruining this generation and they cannot spell, or complete a sentence. They don't read, unless it is someones tweet. The games are all shoot-em ups. This generation has a bigger problem than those kids who play poker! At least in poker, their brain is learning to make logical deductions.

I belonged to an old french family... who thought cards were the best form of past-time for the entire family. We played family games weekly... (however, there was no tv or computers) We all played at a very young age. We learned to work for our allowance, to be able to have the funds to play. We learned math, and we learned to be good loosers, because if you complained about your loss... you were not old enough to play the next week.

Poker is not just for little rich kids, those of us who were dirt poor enjoyed it to.
Re: Bluff Magazine Hits a New Low
avatar Subject :  Re: Bluff Magazine Hits a New Low
Date:       January 18, 2013 07:43AM
You are right that regulation does begin at the home; but, why do you think gaming sites have no responsibility for ensuring that the underage don’t play at their sites?

You must not be familiar with the regulations in Nevada that are now required to get an online poker operator’s license; and these will be the standards for the United States. Just having Daddy’s credit card is not enough. Here are the current regulations:

In order to initially register on an Internet poker site, players must provide their real name and any screen names they wish to use, a current residential address, date of birth, a physical address where they reside, a social security number if a United States resident and finally, an e-mail address.

However, an individual can begin playing poker, to a limited extent, for 30 days during the full-scale verification process. According to a regulation, a player can’t deposit more than $5,000 or withdraw money during this 30-day period verification process.

A high degree of certainty can be established in “real time,” former Control Board Member and current 888 Poker attorney Mark Clayton told Card Player. The first level of scrutiny can be completed nearly instantaneously, Clayton said, with complete verification coming at a later date.

“Industry officials say they are confident they can meet technical standards so online gaming is limited to states where it’s allowed, excludes minors and has systems to deter problem gambling, collusion and other types of fraud. The technology already works for mobile sports wagering in Nevada and in online casinos in Europe, advocates say. The features work like this: Players sign up at physical casinos or by emailing a photo of their driver’s license to an online casino. Information is run through a database to ensure that the player is who he says.”

Nevada Senator Harry Reid, a former Nevada Gaming Commissioner is adamant about not allowing minors to play anywhere in the USA.

So the Kid’s driver license will be verified and his age, which will also be verified against his credit card, and his physical address will be verified as will his social security card. So, I doubt that any minor will be playing online poker at online poker sites licensed in Nevada. And, this technology already has proven to work as noted above. These same rules should be required at all foreign poker sites, e.g., Poker Stars and Full Tilt.

I think it should go even further and include copies of your bank statements and some form of official second photo ID, e.g., your passport or your gun registration, and your voter registration card. But, the above regulations will keep underage kids from playing.

Now I guess if you are playing in a game at home, and you leave the room, you child might get on and play; but, he won’t be able to get the money he has won; he might be able to lose a lot of your money. I hope you lock your computer when you leave the room.

I do agree that the internet is ruining many kids and so is texting. I am not sure what logical deductions your kids are learning from poker, except maybe Aces beat Kings, maybe you could be more specific on that.

I come from a German family and we grew up on my grandfather’s farm in Ohio on the weekends playing Pinochle and poker for pennies with all the grand kids, Uncles and Aunts. It was all fun. And, we had sandwiches as a break from the cards, and then played afterwards – we could not eat and play cards at the same time – no food at the table while playing cards. This is the only card playing that minors under the age of 18 (in states where 18 is the legal age) or 21 should be playing – penny ante games.

Anyway, I hope I have convinced you that online poker sites can have regulations and requirement that will keep all minors from gambling. It also takes a gaming commission like the Nevada Gaming Commission to enforce the rules with audits and reviews. Nevada has the best online gaming regulations and internal control standards in the world and they should be the standards for all foreign online poker sites.


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