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Solution to vets getting healthcare

Solution to vets getting healthcare
avatar Subject :  Solution to vets getting healthcare
Date:       May 30, 2014 08:34AM

You can fire the person at the top, but that will not get vets medical care now. You can hold hearings, but that does not get vets medical care now. The American people demand you fix this problem now! No more rhetoric, no more blame games, no more fundraising, no more delays! We the American people will remember who did and who did not vote for the benefits that our vets are due!

Please sign this petition. The only to show our support as a country for the men and women of our armed services is by taking action! My grandfather served proudly in the army. When he was a young man he could not wait to enlist. He was honorably discharged. As I grew older, he and I grew closer. As we both grew older and wiser, he grew softer and more sentimental. When I was a young child we could not have one piece of lint on the floor. He was scary and extremely strict. When I was a teen I found he was there when I needed him. Family first. When I became an adult, I learned who he was and how much he loved this country. He had a collection of belt buckles. His favorites were his american flag and a bald eagle. I learned that he often spent a few weeks at the VA hosp. I watched as they cut program after program. During a visit with him, I found him sitting in the day room with several other vets. They used to make pottery but that had been one of the many things cut. Now they play cards with an old beat up deck. One of the men at the table started making small talk with me. Then it seemed he was trying to pick me up! My grandfather stepped in and told him to back off. When I got home he called me and said "When are you coming back your new boy friend misses you" and he laughed. He teased me about that for a long time. He told me a story about an experience he had while in the army. He was not the kind of man that bragged nor was he the kind of man that wanted credit. He never looked for the lime light. It was personal to him and he asked me not to repeat it. All I will say is that we owe all our veterans a debt that can never be paid. My grandfather was one of many that have put their lives, their body's, and there mental stability on the line. Being a member of the armed services is no joke. It is the ultimate sacrifice they make for their country. Our government needs to provide the services our veterans need NOW! I wrote this petition in honor of my grandfather, my son, and for all that have served and are still serving in the armed forces. I ask you all to not only sign this petition but also to pass it on. Thank you

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Re: Solution to vets getting healthcare
avatar Subject :  Re: Solution to vets getting healthcare
Date:       June 18, 2014 04:33AM
What is needed is Universal Health Care like in Canada where my wife is from. Everyone gets to go to the doctor or hospital. And, there are no huge waiting lists if you need immediate care. The wealthy doctors, hospitals, and health care insurance industry in America like to scare Americans and tell lies about how poorly Universal Health Care works in Canada.

Health Care in the United States is ranked #12 in the World, Canada is ranked #3.

I lived in Winnipeg, MB, Canada for six months as a CPA consultant where I met my wife. She never had to wait for appointments or to see her family doctor that delivered her or to see specialists. Nor did anyone in her family.

And, we need a huge push to get at least 100,000 more doctors in the USA, and many more full service hospitals.

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