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New US Poker Site

New US Poker Site
avatar Subject :  New US Poker Site
Date:       June 07, 2013 05:08AM
I have just been hired by a new poker site as Affiliate manager. Easy deposits and withdrawals. "BUT WAIT" you wanna try it out you say. Well here is you chance. I'm sure you will be pleased. For those of you who like micro stakes this is the site for you. U.S. players welcome!
Re: New US Poker Site
avatar Subject :  Re: New US Poker Site
Date:       June 08, 2013 05:07PM
I think this is the old that went under owing many players money.

Is it under the same owners and has just reorganized under a new name or new owners that are legitimate?

I have sent Poker Dominicano an email requesting information before I join; they have not responded to my email. I was pretty sure they would not respond to the information I requested.

Their site is missing a lot of information, which I requested in the email.

1. Where they are licensed?

2. Where will all final legal disputes be settled and under the laws of what country?

3. Who owns them, i.e., who the owners are?

I think they are out of the Dominican Republic, which is a tiny island, known for its corruption.

From: U.S. Department of State – Diplomacy in Action
2012 Investment Climate Statement - Dominican Republic


While the Dominican government welcomes foreign investment, significant systemic problems can make investing in the country a risky undertaking. Foreign investors cite a lack of clear, standardized rules by which to compete and a lack of enforcement of existing rules. Complaints have included corruption, requests for bribes, delays in government payments, failure of the Dominican government or of Dominican private sector entities to honor contracts, disregard for Dominican court rulings, and non-standard procedures in Customs valuation of imported goods, as well as product mis-classification as a means of negating CAFTA-DR benefits and increasing Customs revenues.

The fact that they are accepting Bitcoin greatly disturbs me. I expect the Federal Government to crack down on Bitcoin as more and more Americans get screwed by that nonsense. And, accepting Bitcon will allow illegal drug money to be gambled, and or deposited, and then withdrawn as legal money, avoiding detection as laundered illegal drug money.

The reason they are using Bitcoin is to circumvent USA laws against the electric transfer of funds for gambling. And, they let players 18 years-of-age to play; the laws in the USA are 21 or older.

Bitcoin is an open source peer-to-peer system developed by Satoshi Nakamoto that aims to provide electronic cash. The system has no central server or trusted parties. [1] Bitcoin relies on cryptographic principles to create unique, reproducible, and divisible tokens. Users hold the cryptographic keys to their own tokens and transact directly with each other, with the help of the network to check for double-spending.

The average rate of Bitcoin production is tapered such that over time the total number of Bitcoins will approach 21,000,000. After this point, no further Bitcoin production is possible. In this environment of limited supply and in situations where large numbers of Bitcoins are either lost or destroyed, the electronic divisibility of Bitcoins is argued to be conducive to downward price adjustments with no practical limitations in the actual storage or transport of Bitcoin value.[7] Rather than relying on the incentive of newly created Bitcoins to package transactions, nodes in this period will likely depend more heavily on their ability to competitively collect transaction fees to process Bitcoin transactions into blocks.

"After Government Raid, Jittery Future for Bitcoin"

With news last week that U.S. authorities had seized assets of the world's largest bitcoin exchange, traders and other people interested in the digital currency are looking nervously at the future.
Bitcoins have always operated outside of the established financial system, so does the action by the Department of Homeland Security signal the start of a movement to regulate the field? And if so, how will the people who use the virtual currency react?

Bitcoin is a bunch of BS and the punks that created it should be in jail, in my opinion. And, it a great place for Money Laundering, which is against the law. And, many drug operations are using Bitcoin to launder millions maybe billions in illegal drug money.

Anyway, there are too many unanswered question about Poker Dominicano. Until those questions are answered, especially if any of the owners or management from the old are still involved, and if they are regulated by the Dominican Republic, which might not even regulate internet gambling, I would not risk depositing any money at this new site.

Maybe someone has more information on this new site that will shed some light on the unanswered questions.

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