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Re: Anti Social Behavior & Double Standards

Anti Social Behavior & Double Standards
avatar Subject :  Anti Social Behavior & Double Standards
Date:       February 06, 2012 05:18PM
Anti-social behaviour (with or without hyphen) is behaviour that lacks consideration for others and that may cause damage to society, whether intentionally or through negligence, as opposed to pro-social behaviour, behaviour that helps or benefits society.

The whole concept of What is the point of having a chat if you create rules that limit you from being anything other then SUPERFICIAL....

I've been chat banned 3 times in 3 days. This is outrageous. The first time I was banned for explaining that HEMP OIL CURES CANCER (in caps). The second time i was banned for nothing more then saying i wasnt gonna say another word till i read the rules?

Finally i was banned while playing a leauge game for calling someone a faggot. And i understand that might offend someone....However this person complimented everyone that sucked me out on a coin toss and being chat banned 2 of 2 days i had been playing there I didnt care.

Which leads me to my next point. If you have rules enforce them....enforce them EQUALLY. Dont chat ban me....then let your buddy continue to exactly what i got banned for.....

This site has a lot of potential...but i'm looking at the posts....and it seems nopaypoker staff likes to make excuses and minimize the criticims of both the software, and moderators. I find myself complaining about the same things that people 3 years ago in this very forum were complaining about.

And finally for what ever reason....i got removed from the league? Someone explain this to me plz.
Re: Anti Social Behavior & Double Standards
avatar Subject :  Re: Anti Social Behavior & Double Standards
Date:       February 09, 2012 07:21PM
Sounds to me like someone is following you around and reporting you for any minor violation over and over. I don't play there and there is no particular reason other than the fact tat I need to make a living at poker and there is no way to do it there. But I can tell you that NPP is not the one doing this to you so much as it is someone reporting you. SO I assume you pissed off someone who as made it their mission to screw with you. My advice to you would be to write someone of importance and ask them to look and see if it is the same person reporting you time and time again. This might shed some light on what is happening.

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